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Get Smart: The Best Educational Apps for kids available on Android & IOS Devices

As the expansion of technology is going higher, finding an educational app is no longer a daunting task especially when there are a plethora of apps available at your fingertips. Spotting an educational app that can make your learning easy and convenient becomes tricky when you have to dive into the application world. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular that are recommended by many tutors, parents and students that are easily available on Android and IOS devices.

Reading Eggs

Reading award is the award-winning online learning eggs that make the children's learning so easy with fun activities, guided learning sessions, interactive reading games and contains more than 2000 digital storybooks.

Reading eggs is a complete online learning game for kids aged between 2-13 years and covers the five basic elements of learning like phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. There are a dashboard and detailed progress report section in this portal where the parent can examine the result and the improvement and they can plan for how much extra attention they need to give to the child.

Learn English Listening Master

English Listening Master is an online educational app for learning English in a convenient and fun way. This app is not only developed for kids but also for all ages who want to improve their English and listening skills entertainingly at home. All you have to do is to type the letters of the word you hear, and the portal will give you the optimum result by using audio from thousands of native speakers without any background noise providing the more practical and realistic experience. There are four levels in this portal to choose from Beginner to Competent, Professional, and Expert.

Kids Academy Talented & Gifted

Containing over 5000 learning activities including educational games & videos. Puzzles, songs, interactive & Printable worksheets e.t.c. Kids academy talented & gifted is one of the most innovative educational apps for kids.

Kudos to the developers who made the app so easy to use and also covering the key subjects like Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Parents can be able to track the record of child progress so that they can work with the child and how much improvement do they need.


Abcmouse.com is an educational app for students available on both the Android and IOS Devices consisting of the core subject like reading, math, social science and science including arts and color along with confidence building and personality development tips for younger children. One of the biggest advantages of this app is that neither it does redirect you to third-party sites or show any kind of pop-ups.

It also remains the safest app to use when it comes to privacy concerns. ABCmouse is designed to provide age-appropriate content With over 800+ complete lessons categorized in ten levels, 15000+ branded new books, puzzles, quiz, games, videos and much more things to dive into deep learning.


Quizlet makes learning easy, enjoyable and effective with over millions of sets available free of charge created by other teachers or other Quizlet users. Revise any topic you need, as the Quizlet hosts a variety of topics including languages, history, science e.t.c.

Some most prominent features are:

  • Create your flashcards.

  • Acquire knowledge and Test your memory with Quizlet personalized exam.

  • Share with classmates or friends.

  • Automatic pronunciation is available in over 18 languages.

  • Increase your knowledge with videos, images and audio.

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