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Interested in writing and looking for a platform to share your content? Hutiyaapa.com is the platform that allows you to feature your unique quality content with us. Our major goal is to present unique content for our society that can encourage our community to have an awareness of the newest or trending activities. For guest blogging, you should be more aware of the guidelines that are mentioned below.

Are you interested in guest blogging?

Yes, we accept guest post submissions and we received a lot of mail regarding guest post submissions that are irrelevant to our website niche. Let’s just run over the topic that you love to share with us, so you don't end up wasting your time. 


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  • Fashion 

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  • Business

If You don’t adhere to our community guidelines, we reserve the right to reject your content.



 Now we are so sure that you have figured out what kind of content we are looking for. Every other website follows their guidelines so do we. 


We only look for the well-written content because it is not upto our task to edit your article for you. We expect content that is well structured and ready to be published right away. Having good content add value to our readers and that can completely turn scanners into readers.


  1. Poorly written articles will be rejected straightway.

  2. The article should have consisted of 800 words and more.

  3. The article should be plagiarism free and never have posted anywhere else on other websites.

  4. We don’t accept those types of content that go against google.com policy like Adult, Casino e.t.c.

  5. Use a single link (that will be do-follow) for your site and add 2 to 3 links to high authority sites or do some interlinking.

  6. The topics you write should match our website niche.


Once you are done writing and have been through our community guidelines. We will publish your content once it is reviewed by our editor. It will take around 2 to 3 days for our reviewing staff to review it, then we will get back to you with live link of your content. 


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